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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 28: My Personal Contribution to Post-Production

In terms of the post-production process I took charge and did most of three aspects of the editing:

1) Visual FX:
I was in charge of the visual FX as I have had the most experience with that having briefly used them in GCSE Media. This was a time-consuming process in which I got to learn and use many different tools within Adobe Premiere such as wave warp or noise. The visual FX are largely concentrated in one scene in which t he camera falls and breaks and I was very happy with how it turned out, as were my group and teachers when I played it for them. With the help of our technician, I also located a glitch overlay effect online which I imported into Premiere and edited to create the illusion of the screen crackling.

2) Grading:
Once again, I had past experience with grading from GCSE Media and so I was already familiar with the process, hence why I was delegated the responsibility of grading. The process was technically very challenging at the start when you're trying to find the right look, however after the first few shots the process became much quicker as many shots required the same grading effects due to us shooting in similar lighting and sets throughout. In the end, having listened to my groups feedback and teacher feedback I think the grading turned out to be a success.

3) Reaction Shots:
I edited in the reaction shots, although as a group we all agreed on the placement and length of them within our film opening. These shots proved to be more difficult than I initially thought as I had to sound-bridge the audio from the previous shot whilst still maintaining continuity, however I still enjoyed the process. The reaction shots also involved me editing in a zoom using keyframes, this was something I had never done before, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new skill.

Much of the responsibility for sound and continuity editing fell on Laith and Aisha due to the way roles were delegated, however we each did fair amounts of work.

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