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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 24: Edit Week 1: The Basic Edit

As a group our target for the end of edit week 1 was to have gotten all our shots into the editing timeline and edited for continuity with the soundtrack and sound effects behind it. The reason for this is because this way we could see if there were any poor quality shots or if we weren't meeting the two minute demand of the brief and thus decide if we needed a back up shoot or not. This proved to be a very sensible approach as we realised we needed a back up shoot in this week which gave us plenty of time to organise and prepare for it. We also agreed an edit schedule at the beginning of the week to ensure everyone did a fair amount of work, this can be seen below:

We flagged up two main issues that required us to do a back up shoot:

1) In the news reporter scene, our actor does not look directly at the camera but instead looks to the side as she is in fact reading off of a script. This was very obvious when we were editing and having talked to friends, our technician and teachers we decided that it was not good enough and we would definitely require a back up shoot.

As you can see our news reporter clearly looks to the side of the camera

2) We had continuity errors throughout as it was not obvious to the audience that the antagonist was watching the news report on his laptop. This therefore ruined the atmosphere and immersion of our film opening and so we decided that we would have to shoot reaction shots so as to really enforce that the antagonist was watching the news report.

Even after highlighting these issues, we as a group felt very good about what we had and very confident going forward as we were being very efficient with time and already sticking to the brief very closely.

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