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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 22: Our Main Shoot Session

Following our test shoot we had made some revisions to the shootboard as we felt the need to add in two master shots for the sake of continuity and reaction shots.


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances our main actor for the main shoot (the news reporter) didn't show up and only told us the day of the shoot that she couldn't make it. As a result, Aisha - another member of our group - had to step up and be our actor. However, due to the short notice Aisha was unable to memorise the script and as a result you can quite clearly see in the shot that she is reading off of a script to the side of the camera. This created a very unprofessional atmosphere and took away from the intended realism of a news report. This can be seen below:

Another issue is that when our antagonist opens up the laptop we experience a huge lighting error as the camera solely focused on the light from the laptop thus darkening the rest of the room to the point at which all details are obscured. We experimented with lighting in the main shoot to try and resolve this but had no success, then following a discussion with out technician and teacher we decided we would have to try and resolve the problem in editing.

What went well:

The test shoot highlighted multiple issues to us that we went on to resolve in the main shoot. For example, in the main shoot our outdoor setting does not look realistic as a forest as there is not enough trees or shrubbery, and you can also hear children  playing in the nearby park. We resolved this in the main shoot by venturing deeper into the forest and in the end it created a much more realistic setting.

The news anchor scene in the newsroom was also very unrealistic due to our actors costume and a lack of activity in the newsroom behind our actor. To resolve this we provided the actor with our own costume, one that was more fitting of a news anchor and this proved to be a huge success. Furthermore, for the main shoot I went into the newsroom and worked on organising documents from the printer so as to effectively connote that it is a newsroom.

In the right of the shot you can see myself organising documents from the printer

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