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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 25: Our Back Up Shoot

We scheduled our back up shoot for the 5th of March from 9am to 4pm, although as we were very time-efficient we did not use this whole time slot. Our efficiency can be put down to our preparedness beforehand as we had all the shots we needed to reshoot on a back up shootboard:

We shot the news reporter scene again and it was far more successful than it was in the main shoot. The costume looked far more professional and conventional of a news reporter and our actor stared straight into the camera as you would expect unlike in the main shoot.

News Reporter After
News Reporter Before

We almost faced huge complications with this shot though due to the weather as it was forecasted to rain all day, however, having paid close attention to the weather using the BBC weather app we managed to shoot in a relatively dry period of the day so it didn't interfere much with the shot.

We also took advantage of the back up shoot to shoot some reaction shots of the antagonist reacting to the news report in order to solve our continuity errors. This turned out very well and allowed us to establish a clear sense of continuity throughout. One reaction shot can be seen below:

Overall, the back up shoot was a resounding success and was definitely worth the time as we more than achieved every goal we set.

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