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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 26: Edit Week 2: Titles, Video FX, Grading

Following a successful edit week 1, we wanted to continue this by completing our film opening by the end of edit week 2. This involved us putting in and editing all the footage from the back up shoot, as well as grading each shot, and putting in titles and video FX when necessary. Similar to edit week 1, we had an edit schedule for edit week 2 to ensure everyone did a fair amount of work.

In terms of grading, we wanted to darken and increase the contrast of every shot, particularly the ones of the antagonist so as to subtly obscure his facial details and build an atmosphere of suspense and mystery. Our inspiration for this grading style was a film of a similar genre; The Dark Knight; as seen below:

The grading in Disturbances (our film opening)

The grading in The Dark Knight (inspiration)

I believe we achieved this effect with ours, although the orange look that we had in each shot interfered with this and perhaps held us back. In the future I would consider using a less orange room as all the walls in the room were orange which went against our intended dark, high contrast theme.

To achieve this effect in grading we used three tools:
1) Three-Way Colour Corrector
2) Levels
3) ProcAmp

In terms of titles, we created them on LiveType using the 'frigid' effect as well as also using the 'drop in' effect on the title 'Disturbances'. Our titles were white so as to create a strong contrast against the dark shot and effectively super impose themselves onto the screen. The inspiration for our titles came from a variety of similar genre films, for example Se7en inspired the idea or a white contrasting title colour and The Dark Knight inspired our title order.

Title contrast in Disturbances (our film opening)

Title contrast in Se7en (inspiration)

Finally, we didn't use too many video FX in our film opening, we only used them when the camera fell and broke during the news report as that was the only appropriate time to do so. We used a glitch effect, wave warp and noise FX to create the effect of something inhuman interfering with the broadcast whilst also making the breaking of the camera look realistic. We took inspiration for this from Blair Witch and Quarantine.

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