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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 27: My Personal Contribution to Filming the Sequence

I served different roles in each of the different locations:

Location 1 & 2: Laith's House and Enfield Island Village Forest

  • Director: This meant that I helped organise actors and help them with things such as learning the script. It also meant that when shooting I would position the actor and give them pointers on how to deliver their lines or action. Part of my role as director was also ensuring the set looked how we wanted it to.
  • Cameraman: As both other members in my group were acting in these two locations we agreed that I would stay on camera as it meant that not only would I be able to direct easily but it also ensured I was still doing a fair amount of work. Additionally, our outdoor shots were handheld shots and we realised that I had the most steady hands, therefore it made sense for me to shoot these.
Footage of me as cameraman

Location 3: School - Media Classroom

  • Organizer: I was in charge of organising our actor for this scene, I discussed an ideal shooting time with and confirmed it. Then the night prior to the shoot I made sure to remind him of the shooting arrangements the next day. Additionally, I was in charge of organising a suitable costume for the actor and making sure it was ready for him on the day. I am happy to say I fulfilled both these duties well. 
  • Actor: I wasn't the main actor, however I was in the newsroom acting as a worker. This involved me wearing a smart costume and acting as if I was filing documents. My role here was important as it added to the realism of the scene, thus allowing the audience to engage easier.

Screenshots of myself organising with my actor when and where we would have our shoot

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