Our Film Opening

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Construction Post 21: Our Production Kit

Before we took out our production kit, our media technician gave us in-depth demonstrations on how to use all the equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Then we signed an equipment release form to confirm we had been taught how to use the equipment and that we understood we had full responsibility for the kit.

The equipment found in our production kit
The equipment release form

Equipment List:

Canon Legria HF G30 Camera

This camera was small and easily portable, therefore very easy for us to shoot with, particularly in the outdoor shoot. Additionally, the camera has an instant face detection feature which helped ensure our shots were in focus and of a good quality. Finally, the touchscreen feature proved very useful as it allowed us to easily watch back our rushes and decide if we had enough good takes on the day.

Canon DM-100 Directional Microphone

The microphone allowed us to easily pick up dialogue even through heavy background noise, This proved very useful in our outdoor shoot as this shoot was dialogue heavy, however there was also heavy rain and the microphone allowed us to still hear our actor through it, thus ensuring a high quality shoot,

Libec TH-650 HD Tripod

This tripod was very useful in the outdoor shoot, as with its retractable legs and spirit levels we were able to ensure the shot was straight despite it being on uneven forest floor. Additionally, the tripod was very lightweight and therefore very portable which was ideal for our shoot.

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