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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

R+P Post 1: How we intend to work as a group

For this project I will be working with Aisha and Laith.

Aisha (left), Laith (middle), and Me (right)

In order to be time-efficient we will often delegate roles in which different members of the group can work to their strengths on a certain aspect. However, we will always then discuss that aspect as a group and reach a group decision concerning said aspect. This is ideal as it means we are all as comfortable in our work as possible, we all get a chance to input our own opinions and ideas and we get as much work done as possible within the time constraint. This happens in our group meetings which are an hour long and take place twice a week.  If we are doing individual work we also have a Facebook Messenger Group Chat in place to discuss any issues or ideas for our project.

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