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Monday, 10 October 2016

HW2b - Analysis of Titles in Film Openings


Running Order:

1) Directors
2) Screenplay Writer
3) Based on the Novel and Author of the Novel
4) Producers and Executive Producers
5) Director of Photography
6) Production Designer
7) Editors
8) Costume Designer
9) Music by and Music Supervisors
10) Co-producers
11) Lead Actors followed by Supporting Actors
12) Casting by
13) Institutional Information
14) Titles

Scott Pilgrim vs the World:

Running Order:

1) Universal Logo
2) Institutional Information
3) Production Company
4) Title
5) Lead Actors followed by Supporting Actors
6) Casting by
7) Music by and Music Supervisors
8) Co-producers
9) Costume Designer
9) Visual Effects Supervisor
10) Editors
11) Production Designer
12) Director of Photography
13) Executive Producers and Producers
14) Based on Graphic Novel and Author of Graphic Novel
15) Screenplay Writer
16) Director


  • Both predominantly feature titles against backgrounds that aren't scenes from the movie
  • Both tend to have the titles positioned in the middle of the screen
  • Both have consistent fonts for the text
  • Both credit all the institutions
  • Neither seem to have a definite colour scheme throughout
  • They credit a similar number of actors


  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World has an original film score whereas Nerve simply uses a music track
  • Most of the titles in Scott Pilgrim vs the World flash in and out but title effects in Nerve are very random
  • Nerve has more titles
  • They have different running orders e.g. Nerve credits the director as the first title but Scott Pilgrim vs the World does it on the last title

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  1. Sailesh, your post on sound is very good and contains relevant and accurate technical detail (please spell diegetic correctly). However, your comparison post seems unfinished and not up to Level 4 standard: please embed your video clips, and include more analytical detail as outlined in the Media folder on p.12.