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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

R+P Post 7: Our opening sequences planned mis-en-scene

Costume: Our film is set in modern day in a contemporary society so therefore costumes will simply be what you would expect as opposed to anything outlandish. The antagonist will wear dark clothing and a hood to help hide his face, the news anchor and reporter will be dressed formally.

The style in which our news anchor will dress

Camera: In the beginning of the sequence we will use a variety of angled shots and minimal long shots, as well as camera movement so as not to show the antagonists face but also as this will help us create an atmosphere of mystery and tension. In contrast we will use still mid shots and long shots for the news anchor as this is what the audience would expect of a news show. In the part where the reporter goes missing we will use shaky handheld shots to add a sense of realism to the scene as it will convince the audience of the danger and the fear the cameraman is experiencing.

This is an example of the handheld shots we wish to include.

Lighting: In the beginning of the film opening when we see the antagonist we will use very low-key lighting in order to make the antagonist harder to see and to obscure any details. This will further emphasise the mystery of the scene. We will use high-key lighting for the news anchor as it is what the audience would expect of a news report being recorded in a studio. Finally, for the outdoor shots in the forest we will use natural lighting as this will add a sense of realism to the scene as it is what the audience would expect.

Settings: Our settings are Laith's house, the school and the forest. For the scenes in which we see the antagonist we will use Laith's house but we will adjust the lighting and camera positioning in such a way that it creates spooky shadows and creates an eerie atmosphere. We will use the school to record the news anchor scenes as there is an ideal location within the school and by using the school we have props easily available to us. The final setting is the forest in which the news reporter's scenes will be shot, this a conventional setting in horror thrillers as seen in the Blair Witch Project.

  • Microphone
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • News Report Notes

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