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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

R+P Post 8: The credits in our opening sequence

We had three inspirations behind our titles:

1) American Horror Story

Our titles will glitch as they appear on the screen and the time they stay on will vary, however these titles will mostly be positioned in the corners of the screen so as not to take away from the scene that is playing behind it but still be noticeable. This adds a discordant feel to the sequence thus enhanced the eerie atmosphere. Our inspiration for this was American Horror Story.

2) The Shining

Our titles will be imposed onto the screen with some super imposed and clearly the focus. This in conjunction with the effects we plan to give them will increase the tension and keep the audience engaged. It also makes our titles clearly noticeable to the audience. Our inspiration for this was The Shining.

3) Don't Breathe

We decided to make our titles white as we felt it would contrast well with the dark background and help impose the titles even more. Our inspiration for this was Don't Breathe.

The titles we plan to include are as follows in order of first to last:

  • Laith Lyster (actor)
  • Hector Bloggs (actor)
  • Kodie Matthews (actress)
  • Abigail Tegene (actress)
  • Executive Producer; Aisha Farah
  • Screenplay by; Sailesh Shah
  • Producer; Ray Baker
  • Director; Hugh Teesdale

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