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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

R+P Post 5: Our opening sequence idea

Beginning: The beginning of our opening sequence sees the male antagonist walking up the stairs and going into his room, sitting down and opening his laptop before cutting to a news report. This sequence will be edited for continuity.

Middle: The middle is where we see the entire news report in which it is reported that two teenagers have gone missing. Following a question and answer session between the news anchor and news reporter the reporter sees something behind the camera, alerts the cameraman to it who then pans around and when the camera pans back the reporter is nowhere to be seen, The camera is then dropped at which point we see two feet walk past before the camera cuts out. We then see a panicked news anchor saying there are technical difficulties before the news report cuts out.

End: To close the film opening we cut back to the antagonist who closes his laptop, picks up a phone and simply says "it's done." Then the screen cuts to black from which the film title "Disturbances" will come on screen.

This is a picture of the script for our film opening

There were two key inspirations with regards to the news report. The first one being that Quarantine inspired the idea to have a news report, and the second being that Blair Witch inspired the key event of the camera falling and breaking.

The Blair Witch scene which inspired our key event in which the camera falls and breaks

Binary Opposites:
  • Safety of the indoors vs the danger of the outdoors
  • Unknown (hidden face of the antagonist and unknown attacker in the forest) vs vulnerable victim

Enigma Codes:
  • Low-key lighting when we see the antagonist. Raises questions of who the antagonist is.
  • Phone ringing. Builds suspense the antagonists response raises questions of who the caller was and what they were saying.

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