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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

R+P Post 9: Our opening sequence's soundtrack

The soundtrack we have decided to use is 'Isle of the Dead' by Rachmaninoff. When choosing our music we not only had to ensure it effectively built up tension and suspense to create our desired effect but that it was also copyright free. This soundtrack was created in 1886 and is therefore over 50 years old thus is free of any copyright.

'Isle of the Dead' is a classical soundtrack which is conventional for similar thrillers to build up suspense and mystery without taking away from the action on the screen. We took inspiration for this sort of mood from films such as The Shining.

We sourced all our sound effects from freesound.org. The sound effects we plan to include are:

  • Crackle and hiss as camera cuts out
  • Long beep sound as news report goes off air
  • Phone ringing

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