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Thursday, 2 February 2017

R+P Post 17: Our editing arrangements

For the test edit, we as a group agreed to devote all our free periods across a span of 3 days to editing as we felt this would provide adequate time to complete the edit whilst also ensuring we all spent a roughly equal amount of time editing. As we were editing on our own, we were careful to make sure that we made all key decisions beforehand in group meetings or in our group chat as a group to ensure that whoever was editing was doing so with the knowledge that it was what the whole group agreed on. The edit schedule can be seen below:

These arrangements worked very well as not only did it allow us enough time to complete the edit but we were also able to go through it with our peers, teachers and technician to gain valuable feedback on where to improve for the main edit. Therefore, we will most likely use the same system for the main edit, but across a larger time frame as I expect the main edit to require more work.

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