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Thursday, 2 February 2017

R+P Post 14: Our filming arrangements

When shooting we wanted to avoid any unnecessary complications and stress that could be counter productive so as to make the shoot as efficient as possible.

To achieve this goal, as a group we agreed and signed off documents concerning locations, timings, props and the equipment release from the media department. This meant we had all discussed and agreed a set of rules and guidelines by which we would abide on the shoot day and avoid complications.

We had two shoots, a home shoot and a school shoot and we made separate arrangements for each.

In the home shoot, we agreed that I would bring the camera kit, Aisha would bring the tripod and Laith would bring the laptop and that we would all meet at Laith's house for 9am. We also agreed that the shooting locations would be within Laith's house and in the nearby Enfield Island Village Forest. We also agreed timings with one actor for when she should arrive through messaging her. We informed her well in advance and agreed all the timings, we also reminded her the day prior to the shoot. This shoot lasted from 9am to 4pm and proved more than enough time.

In the school shoot, it was agreed that Laith would set up the shoot as he had no lesson prior to our 12:30 shoot time, and we also agreed with another actor to arrive at 12:30. Once again this was done through messaging well in advance and then reminding him the day prior to the shoot. This shoot lasted from 12:30 to 1:30 and proved more than enough time.

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