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Thursday, 2 February 2017

R+P Post 12: Our Storyboard

Following the completion of our timeline, the second stage of pre-production was to create a storyboard. A stage that had already been made much easier by the creation of the timeline. Once again our technician provided us with A3 sugar paper and a variety of different coloured post it notes with which we went on to create a visual representation of the film opening.

We used 4 different colour post it notes:
Yellow = Long Shots
Orange = Mid Shots

Blue = Close Ups
Pink = Graphics

We used this colour scheme as it allowed us to easily see what decisions we had made regarding framing of shots. This meant we could easily see if we had enough shot variety to keep the audience engaged and if the shot progression would make sense to the audience. We also used thick arrows to signify camera movement and thin arrows to signify character movement. The graphics post it notes were used for titles and credits so that we could easily see where they would be placed on the screen as well as when.

We created this visual representation as not only did it help us ensure we had enough shot variety and progression but it also provided an easily understandable and accessible document from which we could easily create other documents such as shootboards. Additionally, the benefits of having it as A3 was so that everyone could easily see it and also there was enough space for everyone to work on it simultaneously. Finally, the reason we used post it notes was that they could be easily moved, removed or revised if we changed our mind about any of the shots.

The storyboard provided a solid foundation for our shootboard which in turn made our shoot days much more efficient, and it also provided a guide from which we could edit as it shows key aspects such as shot order.

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