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Thursday, 2 February 2017

R+P Post 11: Our Timeline

Once we had completed the research and planning aspect of our film opening the first step of pre-production was to create a timeline.

Our media technician provided us with a template to use and from there we included all our shots, the duration of said shots, the credits as well as including our soundtrack, sound effects and dialogue where necessary. We did this over 3 lines on the timeline, one was a video track, another a voice track and the final one was a sound track. This allowed enough space to clearly write down every aspect of each shot and effectively pinpoint the timing of each element. Additionally, the timeline was split into beginning, middle and end which allowed us to clearly distinguish a narrative structure to our film opening.

The timeline was very helpful as it ensured we stuck to the 2 minutes allowed by the brief, and in doing so allowed us to include all the necessary shots that were key to the storyline and narrative flow. Furthermore, the timeline proved helpful in the timing of our news report as it allowed us to allocate enough time for the dialogue. The next step was the storyboard and the timeline made the storyboarding process much easier as through the timeline we had already concluded what shots we were going to include.

When creating our timeline, we used The Shining and Quarantine to help us with the timings, particularly when it concerned the soundtrack, credits and titles.

An example of a title from Quarantine which inspired our titles.

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