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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Evaluation Q4: How do you think your prelim experiences will impact on your approach to next term's music video coursework?


Having spoken to the supervisors of this music video project I believe we should approach pre-production the next music video with the following:
-A clear understanding and familiarity with the chosen song and music video
-A clear understanding of the genre, styling, character and set design choices
-Costume and make up lists
-A clear understanding of the choreography, and to have well rehearsed the choreography before the shoot day

The costume and make up list

Main shoot:

This prelim task has taught me the importance of having a good team where everyone knows their role as this is essential to ensuring the shoot runs smoothly. For example, having an assistant director to organise everything behind the camera and runners to carry out tasks efficiently greatly improved the quality, performance and overall experience of the main shoot day. Additionally, I learnt the importance of the studio lighting in creating the desired effect and improving the quality of our shots.

From the prelim I will do the following in the main shoot:
-Frequent use of studio lighting
-Establish a team within which everyone has a clear role
-Lip syncing throughout
-Dancing as it was fun to choreograph and also raised the quality of our final product


From the prelim, I have learnt the conventional styles of editing a music video and will have to include them in the edit for the next music video.They are listed below:
-Mini montage sections
-Discontinuous editing
-Solo shots of the lead singer
-Frequent cuts

An example of montage editing

In conclusion, my prelim experience will certainly impact my decisions in every stage of next term's music video coursework, however I will continue to act efficiently at a high standard as I have in all previous media projects.

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