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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Evaluation Q3: Are you pleased with the footage and your finished edit? Is it how you expected it to look? What works really well and what would you change?

I am more than pleased with our final edit and this is partly due to the variety of good shots we had our disposal.

Our final edit

What works really well:
-The lip sync matches the music throughout
-All cuts are perfectly timed with the original
-Our set design and background are very similar to the original
-The majority of shots match to the original
-Our grading was effective in achieving the desired look

Comparison of set designs; our remake is on the left and the original on the right
The primary grading tool we used to create a look similar to the original video was ProcAmp, a feature within the editing software of Adobe Premiere.

ProcAmp - the primary grading tool we used

Below is a side by side comparison of a shot before and after the grading process, notice how it compares with the original shot which can be seen in the bottom right.

Ungraded (left) vs graded (right)

What I would change:
-I would get all the shots we needed as in some situations we did not have the required shot and had to use a different shot to fill the gap. This can be seen below:
See how the main shot differs from the original in the bottom right
-I would also consider using more lighting, perhaps from behind the character as in some situations we could not replicate the look of the original video due to there being a lack of shadows. This can be seen below:
Notice the lack of shadows in the main shot when compared to the original in the bottom right

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